Past event 2008
SPM Symposium
8 and 9 OCTOBER
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SPM Symposium - 8-9 OCTOBER 2008

Posters 1 - 10
P1 - Imaging Human Bone with Bimodal Scanning Force Microscopy S. Röper et al. (TU Chemnitz, DE) forward [Abstract PDF]
P2 - Characterisation of Interfacial Interactions of Bioactive Surfaces J. Erath et al. (Univ. of Bayreuth, MPI Golm & FI Golm, DE) forward [Abstract PDF]
P3 - AFM Imaging Reveals Antimicrobial Action of Sushi Peptides on Gram Negative Bacteria A. Li al. (Univ. of Singapore, SG) forward [Abstract PDF]
P4 - AFM Revelation of a Novel Type of Neuronal Growth Cones Collapse at the Nanoscale E. Migliorini et al. (Area Science Park Trieste, IT) forward [Abstract PDF]
P5 - Investigation of S. epidermidis Biofilms by AFM Y. Hu et al. (TU of Denmark, DK) forward [Abstract PDF]
P6 - Subunit Unbinding Mechanics of a Dimeric Protein Studied By Atomic force Microscopy R. Afrin et al. (Tokyo Inst. of Technology, JP) forward [Abstract PDF]
P7 - Surface Profiles and Nano Scratches of Platinum-Coated Electrodes by Complementary Microscopy for Anticancer Therapy in Clinical Trials H.B. Kim et al. (Seoul National Univ., KR) forward [Abstract PDF]
P8 - Lateral Force Measurement by AFM and Applications in Cell Biology T. Hakari et al. (Tokyo Inst. of Technology, JP) forward [Abstract PDF]
P9 - Quantitative Measurement of the Dielectric-Constant and Thickness of Supported Biomembranes by Nanoscale Capacitance Microscopy A. Dols-Perez (Univ. of Barcelona., ES) forward [Abstract PDF]
P10 - Probing Nonspecific Adhesion in Atomic Force Microscopy Indentation of Living Cells L.Sirghi et al. (EU Joint Research Centre Ispra, IT) forward [Abstract PDF]

Posters 11 - 20
P11 - Binding of Amyloid Peptides to Modified Model Surfaces B. Moores et al. (Univ. of Waterloo, CA) forward [Abstract PDF]
P12 - Cell Adhesion and Cell Detachment Forces on Micro-Nanopatterned Substrates J. Deeg et al. (MPI Stuttgart & Univ. of Heidelberg, DE) forward [Abstract PDF]
P13 - Mimicking Cellular Environments: Cells on Elastic Nanopatterned Substrates I. Louban et al. (MPI Stuttgart & Univ. of Heidelberg, DE) forward [Abstract PDF]
P14 - The Use of Atomic Force Microscopy to Image Capacitation-Dependent Clustering of´┐ŻSperm Membrane Microdomains A. Boerke et al. (Utrecht Univ., NL) forward [Abstract PDF]
P15 - Green Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles C. Engelbrekt et al. (Univ. of Denmark, DK) forward [Abstract PDF]
P16 - Mechanical Characterization of Pore Spanning Apical Plasma Membrane and its Interaction with F-Actin T. Fine et al. (Univ. of Mainz & Univ. of Göttingen, DE) forward [Abstract PDF]
P17 - Interactions between Signal Transducing Proteins Measured by Pico-force Atomic Force Microscopy I.H.Kim et al. (Pohang Univ., KR, & Univ. of Nottingham, GB) forward [Abstract PDF]
P18 - Changing of Cellular Mechanics During Aging J. Zahn et al. (MPI Stuttgart & Univ. of Heidelberg, DE) forward [Abstract PDF]
P19 - Hollow AFM Probes Designed for Nanoscale Dispensing of Material in a Liquid Environment for Applications in Life Science M. Favre et al. (CSEM SA & Swiss Federal Inst. of Technology, CH) forward [Abstract PDF]
P20 - Insect Epicuticular Grease Visualised by Scanning Probe Microscopy H. Peisker et al. (MPI Stuttgart, DE) forward [Abstract PDF]

Posters 21 - 30
P21 - New Micro- and Nanoscaled Structure Concepts for Auditory Implant Surfaces U. Reich et al. (Laserzentrum Hannover, DE) forward [Abstract PDF]
P22 - FluidFM: A Novel AFM-Based Tool for Single-Cell Experiments T. Zambelli et al. (ETH Zürich & CSEM SA, CH) forward [Abstract PDF]
P23 - High-Throughput Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy for Membrane Proteins P. Bosshart et al. (Univ. of Basel , Univ. of Berne, CH & Univ. of San Diego, USA & TU Dresden DE) forward [Abstract PDF]
P24 - Micropatterned Substrates for Single-Cell Force Spectroscopy C. Franz et al. (Univ. of Karlsruhe, DE) forward [Abstract PDF]
P25 - Gravity Induced Changes in Cell Shape J.W.A. van Loon (DESC@OCB-ACTA, Univ. of Twente, UvA, The Rotterdam Eye Hospital, NL & Univ. of Barcelona, ES) forward [Abstract PDF]
P26 - A Bond for a Lifetime - Using Membrane Nanotubes from Living Cells to Determine Receptor-Ligand Kinetics M. Krieg et al. (TU Dresden, DE) forward [Abstract PDF]
P27 - Cell Adhesion on (AFM) Functionalized Substrates Revealed by Electro-Optical Assays M. Gheorghiu et al. (Int. Centre of Biodynamics Bucharest, RO & IMB-CNM Bellaterra, ES) forward [Abstract PDF]
P28 - Antibiotically Induced Topology Changes on Bacteria Studied by AFM P. Frederix et al. (Univ. of Basel, CH) forward [Abstract PDF]
P29 - An AFM Tip Guaranteeing Specific Single Molecular Interactions D.H. Kim et al. (Pohang Univ., KR)
P30 - Adhesion of Microbubbles studied by AFM and RICM M. Pretzl et al. (Univ. of Bayreuth, DE) forward [Abstract PDF]

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