Past event 2008
SPM Symposium
8 and 9 OCTOBER
Congratulations ...
... to the winners of the poster award!


Speakers photo

SPM Symposium - 8-9 OCTOBER 2008

From the left to the right (click to enlarge):
Joon Won Park (Pohang Univ.), Andrew Pelling (Univ. of Ottawa), Sergi Garcia-Manyes (Columbia Univ.), Jerome Chalmeau (LAAS CNRS), Phil Williams (Univ. of Nottingham), Thomas Ludwig (DKFZ Heidelberg), Terry McMaster (Univ. of Bristol), Pierre Bongrand (INSERM CNRS Marseille), Volker Deckert (ISAS Dortmund) and Torsten Jähnke (JPK).

From the left to the right (click to enlarge):
Atsushi Ikai ( Tokyo Inst. of Technology), Suzi Jarvis (Univ. College Dublin), Torsten Jähnke (JPK), Rikke Louise Meyer (Aarhus Univ.) and Gerd Behme (JPK).

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