Past event 2008
SPM Symposium
8 and 9 OCTOBER
Congratulations ...
... to the winners of the poster award!


PosterAward 2008

SPM Symposium - 8-9 OCTOBER 2008

From the left to the right (click to enlarge): H. Heinzelmann (Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology), S.P. Heyn (JPK Instruments), B. Moores (University of Waterloo), Torsten Jähnke (JPK Instruments) and T. Hakari (Tokyo Institute of Technology).

We congratulate the winners of the SPM poster award 2008!
1. Prize: Digital camera
H. Heinzelmann and his collegues
2. Prize: iPod
B. Moores and his collegues
3. Prize: Kensington presenter
T. Hakari and his collegues


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