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SPM & OPTICAL TWEEZERS Symposium - 14-15 OCTOBER 2009

  OPTICAL TWEEZERS          Posters 1 - 10
P1 - Optical Tweezers to Investigate Receptor/Ligand Interactions on a Single Contact Level C. Wagner (Univ. of Leipzig, DE) forward [Abstract PDF]
P2 - Constructing and Probing a Biomimetic Model of the Actin Cortex via Holographic Optical Tweezers M. Streichfuss (MPI Heidelberg, DE) forward [Abstract PDF]
P3 - Investigation of Erythrocytes Cell-Cell Adhesion Using Holographic Optical Tweezers P. Steffen al. (Saarland University, DE) forward [Abstract PDF]
P4 - Optical Tweezers Measurements of Threading DNA and DNA-Ligand-Complexes Through Solid-State Nanopores A. Sischka et al. (Bielefeld Univ. & FU Berlin, DE) forward [Abstract PDF]
P5 - Measuring Adhesion Forces Between Influenza Virus and Living Cell C. Sieben et al. (HU Berlin, JPK, DE & Univ. of Linz, Agilent Technologies, A) forward [Abstract PDF]
P6 - Probing the Mechanism of Kinesin-1 Motion in Three Dimensions Using the Photonic Force Microscope P. Jeppesen et al. (Univ. of Bristol, GB) forward [Abstract PDF]
P7 - Optical Tweezers With Millikelvin Precision of Temperature-Controlled Objectives and Base-Pair Resolution M. Mahamdeh et al. (BIOTEC TU Dresden, DE) forward [Abstract PDF]
P8 - Quantitative Analysis of Fluctuations and Irreversibility of Optically Trapped Microspheres O. Ueberschär et al. (Leipzig Univ., DE) forward [Abstract PDF]
P9 - Towards Nanonewton Forces: Optical Trapping of Anti-Reflection-Coated Titania Microspheres A. Jannasch et al. (BIOTEC TU Dresden, DE, & Utrecht Univ., NL) forward [Abstract PDF]
P10 - Force Generation by Type IV Pili of Neisseria Gonorrhoeae D. Opitz (Münster Univ., DE) forward [Abstract PDF]

Posters 11 - 20
P11 - Quantifying and Pinpointing Sources of Noise in Optical Tweezers Experiments F. Czerwinski et al. (Univ. of Copenhagen, DK, & Univ. of Cambridge, GB) forward [Abstract PDF]
P12 - The Forces of Interaction Between Poly(2-vinylpyridine) Brushes as Measured by Optical Tweezers M.M. Elmahdy et al. (Leipzig Univ., Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden, DE, & Mansoura Univ., EG) forward [Abstract PDF]
P13 - Optical Tweezers as Means to Stimulate Hippocampal Neurons With BDNF Coated Beads E. D'Este et al. ( CNR-INFM, Univ. of Trieste, IT, & Univ. of Mainz, DE, & MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, GB) forward [Abstract PDF]
P14 - Dual-Trap Optical Tweezer for Single Molecule Studies of Transcription M. Jahnel et al. (MPI Dresden, DE) forward [Abstract PDF]
P15 - Interaction of XMAP215 With Dynamic Microtubules Studied With Optical Tweezers A. Trushko et al. (MPI Dresden & BIOTEC TU Dresden, DE ) forward [Abstract PDF]
P16 - Using Optical Tweezers to Study the Elementary Events Underlying Force Generation in Neuronal Lamellipodia R. Shahapure et al. (SISSA-ISAS Trieste, CBM Trieste & Italian Institute of Technology, IT) forward [Abstract PDF]
P17 - Self-Pumped Phase Conjugation of Light Beams Carrying Orbital Angular Momentum C. Alpmann et al. (IBF–CNR Genoa, Univ. of Florence, ISC–CNR Sesto Fiorentino & Univ. of Basilicata, IT) forward [Abstract PDF]
P18 - Multiple Traps in a Counter-Propagating Optical Trap Configuration Based on Optical Phase Conjugation K. Berghoff et al. (Münster Univ., DE) forward [Abstract PDF]
P19 - Holographic Optical Tweezers Aided Investigations on Bacillus subtilis F. Hörner et al. (Münster Univ., DE) forward [Abstract PDF]
P20 - Optical Force Based Investigations of Cell Mechanical Concepts During Phagocytosis F. Kohler et al. (Univ. of Freiburg, DE, & Yale Univ. New Haven, USA) forward [Abstract PDF]

Posters 21 - 22
P21 - A Force Detection Technique for Molecular Experiments in Living Cells Using Gradient Optical Traps A. Farre (Univ. of Barcelona, ES) forward [Abstract PDF]
P22 - Manipulating Microscopic Objects Using Combined Elliptical and Point Optical Tweezers A. Kauppila et al. (Univ. of Oulu, FI, & National Yang-Ming Univ., Taipei, TW) forward [Abstract PDF]

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